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The Forklift

A forklift also known as a lift truck, fork truck and forklift truck is an industrial truck used to lift and move heavy materials short distances. The forklift has become an indispensable piece of equipment in manufacturing and warehousing operations since its development in the early 20th century. Because of the high cost of a forklift, from $20,000 – $111,000+, most companies choose to rent a forklift from a local equipment rental company.


There are many different types of forklifts and every forklift type is ranted differently. They are rated based off of loaf at maximum weight and specified forward center of gravity. In a typical warehouse setting most forklifts have load capacities between one and five tons. Larger machines, up to 50 tons lift capacity, are used for lifting heavier loads, including loaded shipping containers. This information can be found on the forklifts nameplate provided by the manufacturer. This is also where you will see the “loads must not exceed” information. In many jurisdictions it is illegal to remove or tamper with the nameplate without the permission of the forklift manufacturer. This plate is an important aspect of the truck as it allows the driver to know what specifications it needs to follow to avoid an overturn or other dangerous outcomes.

Another important aspects of forklift operation is that most have rear-wheel steering.  While this increases maneuverability in tight cornering situations, it makes it difficult for the driver if they are used to traditional wheeled vehicles.

Forklift control and capabilities

Forklift hydraulics are controlled with levers directly manipulating the hydraulic valves or electrically controlled actuators. Electrically controlled actuators are preferred by most because there is more freedom in ergonomical design.

We rent the following forklift trucks and accessories:

Fork Extensions, 6', With Our Forklift

Used To Extend Forks To Handle Bulky Loads.

ForkliftTruss Boom, With Our Lift

15' Long, 8,000# Cap.

Forklift,Reach, 40 UPRIGHT

Mast Height Down: 7’ 10’ Cage Height: 7’ 3” Width: 96” Length Less Forks: 20’ 5” Fork Length: 48” Weight Approx.: 24,600# Lifting Height: 43’ 10” Fwd. Horizontal Reach: 28’ 2” Fwd. Reach At Max. Lift: 2’ 1” Cap. Boom Retracted, No Reach: 8,000 Cap. Full Horizontal Reach, No Lift: 2,000# Cap. Full Lift & Reach: 6,000#

Nissan 15',5,000 LB. Cap.

Mast Hgt. Down: 83 3/4". Lgth. Inc. Forks: 13' 3". Lift. Hgt.: 15' 2". Cage Height: 86 1/2". Width: 47 1/2". Lift height 15' 6". Cap. 4,500# Mast Height Down 83 1/2" to 88". Weight 9,200# Approx. Cap.: 6,000# To 13' 6". Cap.: 5,550# To 15' 2". Weight: 10,617#. Approx. Fork Length: 48" Or 60". Propane Powered.



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