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Rental Equipment

Warehouse and Construction Forklifts Rentals

Forklifts rentals can be used indoors and outdoors, on flat surfaces and on rough terrain, and are used generally in construction or in warehouses. Any warehouse forklift generally only needs to be used on flat surfaces. There are different classes of forklifts, and the higher classes are hardier and used more outdoors. Lower classes of forklifts are used in warehouses. Reach lifts can help reach up or over that large obstacle or lifting that heavy object over the fence a breeze.

Forklift Truss Boom, With Our Lift


All equipment is subject to a pick-up and delivery charge.

Ask us how to get free pick-up and delivery on your next rental.

We carry different brands for most of the heavy machinery, so if you are looking for different controls or just prefer a special brand name, call and ask about our selection.


15' Long, 8,000# Cap.

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